Boy caught paying sweetest visit to neighbor’s ‘misunderstood’ cat

Ace has always been and adorable cat. But life wasn’t too easy for him as he lived as a stray for many years. Nonetheless, things got even worst for him as he lost an eye due to an infection, just days after he was rescued. But, he remain the same gentle and loving soul as he always been.

But sadly, because of his odd appearance (for some), Ace seemed completely misunderstood for most of people crossing his way. This made Ace’s mom, Norma Maikovich, pretty sad, as he thought no one would ever stop to play and cuddle with her so beloved furry children.

“He can sometimes seem scary, especially to children,” Norma Maikovich explained to the Dodo. “People are often hesitant to greet him.”

Norma and her family even feared that people could even hurt Ace, so they set up a security camera in front of their home, since Ace adores to spend his time laid on the front porch. But what they caught instead was some truly heartwarming moments. As it turned out, not everyone feared Ace. A boy was visiting the ‘misunderstood’ cat almost every day and cuddle with him.

“When looking at the footage, we noticed one particular boy tends to visit almost every single day,” the woman said. “It melted our hearts, not just seeing how much Ace loves this boy, but how familiar they were to each other! Sitting by the front door, as soon as Ace sees his friend, he rushes out to greet him. It’s awesome, this bond they share.”

Watch these two friends spending time together, in the video below!

Norma is now more than happy that her beloved cat isn’t ignored anymore, and he finally got the attention and the affection he had always offered to everyone! “Ace isn’t a scary guy, and it just goes to show that appearances aren’t everything,” she said . “Seeing the footage of Ace and his buddy really proves that when given the chance of life and love and a family, animals with special needs and handicaps are worth it too.”

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