9-year-old boy uses pocket money to feed stray dogs, then raises money to open animal shelter

While most of the people are careless when comes to animals in need of help, some are ready to go above and beyond only to help those innocents creatures. But when this comes from a 9-year-old boy, it’s nothing short of inspiring!

Certainly, the most kids at this age spend their pocket money on things like cookies or sweets, but Ken Amante decided to use his for a noble cause – procuring food for the helpless stray dogs that live in his neighborhood in Philippines. Fortunately, the kid’s gesture didn’t go unnoticed and after his incredible story went viral, lots of people worldwide wanted to share a bit of their kindness with this little hero. Massive donations have been raised and the 9-year-old’s dream came true as he managed to open a shelter for all those hapless animals.

Very kind and modest by his nature, initially no one knew about Ken’s activity. However, after noticing his son leaves the house with a back full of food – almost everyday – his father followed him one day, but only to have his heart melted upon the sight he came across, a few streets away. His baby was surrounded by a group of stray dogs, all wiggling their tails, waiting for their human friend to share them food.

The proud dad took a photo of his son and later shared it on Reddit. And there’s where everything begun! “My son has been feeding stray dogs in the neighborhood for about two weeks now,” the man wrote. “Today I tagged along.”

It didn’t take too long until the heartwarming story made waves across the Internet and Ken became famous for his kindness. He received a lot of support from animal advocates all over the world and thankfully, shortly after he even opened a shelter – The Happy Animals Club.

“I always loved animals, even when I was young. I was fond of them even when I was small,” the boy told HNGN. I was fond of them even when I was small. My parents told me that before I could even talk, I was already sleeping with my dad’s cat, Hajime-kun. Asked about the shelter he founded, Ken said that was his dream since he was just a little baby boy.

“I want to save as many of those dogs as I can from suffering for no reason,” he explained for METRO. Since 2014, when opened, Ken’s shelter rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of animals. They also provide meals for all stray animals in the neighborhood. What a hero this little fella is!